Extracting valuable components

Composed of wood, foam, metals and cotton; mattress recycling enable you to extract these valuable components through a process of shredding. GreenRock Equipment offer a range of twin-shaft, slow speed grinders with the versatility and durability that will allow waste operators to recover these valuable commodities whilst reducing their volume of waste being diverted to landfill.

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Slow Speed Shredder - X

Slow Speed ShredderSlayer X

  • Shredding target area of 5’X 6’3” and hopper capacity of 3.9yds³.
  • Lowest maintenance cost shredder on the market.
  • Intelligent self-protecting control system.
Slow Speed Shredder XL

Slow Speed ShredderSLAYER XL

  • Twin shaft, slow speed, high torque shredder.
  • Shredding target area of 6’5” X 6’6” and hopper capacity of 4.6yds³.
  • Robust design and superior resistance to difficult to shred material