Shredding for recycling

Waste tires are notoriously problematic with extortionate volumes of tires being stockpiled or diverted to landfill each year. As a result the safe disposal of tires has become a government priority. The range of twin-shaft, slow speed grinders available from GreenRock Equipment enable the sustainable management of waste tires by shredding for recycling and repurposing. Separating the metal and rubber in this way facilitates the repurposing of rubber crumb and clean metal in a number of applications.

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Slow Speed Shredder - X

Slow Speed ShredderSlayer X

  • Shredding target area of 5’X 6’3” and hopper capacity of 3.9yds³.
  • Lowest maintenance cost shredder on the market.
  • Intelligent self-protecting control system.
Slow Speed Shredder XL

Slow Speed ShredderSLAYER XL

  • Twin shaft, slow speed, high torque shredder.
  • Shredding target area of 6’5” X 6’6” and hopper capacity of 4.6yds³.
  • Robust design and superior resistance to difficult to shred material