Flip Flow Screen

Yes you heard us correctly, we are now distributing the most aggressive flip flow screen on the market! The EDGE FreeFlow 186 provides two screening operations in one unit. This machine has a mat acceleration of up to 50g and the ability to run up 10% faster than competing flip flow screens. The 8’X6’ FreeFlow 186 screen allows operators to carryout tough screening tasks all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

The EDGE FreeFlow screen provides an extremely effective screening solution for sticky, moist materials with a high percentage of fines. This product is a perfect fit for the processing of compost, skip waste, wood, trommel fine and construction & demolition waste.

Key Features

  • 10% faster than competing flip flow screens
  • Mat acceleration  of up to 50g
  • Two screening operations in one unit
  • Eliminates screen plugging and blockages
  • Intelligent modular top deck system allows multiple media types to be installed side by side
  • Power sources: hydraulic or electric

Top Deck:

5400mm x 1730mm

Screening area 9.34 m2

4 no. Side-tension screen panels / 16 no. 3D deck screen panels

4 level stepped top deck

Screening media options:

  • 3D deck panels
  • Punched plate
  • Side-tensioned rubber
  • Side-tensioned woven wire mesh
  • Bofor bars
  • Finger tines

Option of bolt-on finger tine lifters each level step (can be used with all screening media types)

10 mm Hardox feed inlet liner

10 mm Hardox discharge chute liner


Bottom Deck:

5050mm x 1730mm

Screening Area 8.74 m2

15 no. wedge-fastened polyurethane Flip-Flow Screen Panels (“Boltless” System)

10 mm Hardox discharge chute liner

6 mm Hardox side wall liner

4 no. inspection windows in side plate

To read more about the FreeFlow 186 click here.