GreenRock Equipment are delighted to welcome the EDGE MC1400 material classifier into our growing product portfolio. We are looking forward to introducing this density separator to the U.S market and believe it will be very beneficial to our customers.

Product Launch

EDGE successfully launched the machine earlier this year at Hillhead Exhibition (UK), creating much excitement along the way. The MC1400’s presence at the show gained a lot of interest from all corners of the globe and visitors were amazed by it’s key features and functionality.

MC1400 Density Separator at a glance

The MC1400 uses advanced air flow technology to separate impurities from valuable materials. Whilst it is ideal for compost and biomass settings, the flexibility and durability of this density separator allows it to work with a number of different applications including construction & demolition waste. The EDGE MC1400 is fully tracked which allows it to move freely around site.

Key Features:

  • Fuel efficient diesel engine
  • Broader conveyors for even material spread
  • Easily accessed for maintenance
  • Fully enclosed to eliminate dust
  • Zero spillage

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