GreenRock Equipment offers the complete range of EDGE Innovate material handling equipment solutions across California. The EDGE brand name is intrinsically linked to the manufacturing of stackers, truck off-loaders and roll crushers, designed with the durability to withstand a variety of free flowing materials.

Whether aggregate, wood, construction and demolition waste, sand, gravel or compost, EDGE material handling equipment harness the versatile capabilities our customers have come to expect.

With a ‘one size does not fit all’ mind-set, GreenRock Equipment offer a range of stackers to suit your specific material handling requirements; including low-level feeder stackers, radial stackers and feeder stackers, with the option of a wheeled or tracked unit.

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feeder stacker

Feeder StackerFMS- FTS

  • Can accept loads directly from excavator, wheel loader, crushers or screener.
  • Discharge conveyor lengths from 30ft to 90ft.
  • Chassis format options: mobile, track, static, 360° unlimited slew.
tracked stacker

Tracked StackerTS-SERIES

  • Available as 50-100ft (15-30m)
  • Impressive stockpiling rates from 100 -1000+ Tonnes per Hour
  • Power source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Dual Power, Direct Electric
Radial Truck Unloader

Truck UnloaderRTU220

  • Improve cycle times and on-site production.
  • Capacity to convey up to 1100 tonnes per hour. (Dependent on cycle times)
  • Accepts a huge variety of trucks and loading options.
radial tracked stacker

Radial Tracked StackerRTS-SERIES

  • Can reduce fuel, maintenance and labour costs by up to 80%
  • Huge 360° windrow stockpiling capacity
  • Fully tracked for on-site mobility
mobile stackers

Mobile StackerMS-SERIES

  • Conveyor lengths from 30ft (9m) to 100ft (30m)
  • Impressive radial stockpiling capacities of up to 29,588 yds³
  • Power source options: hydraulic coupling, diesel genset, electric / hydraulic, direct electric drive, diesel power pack
Low Level Feeder Tracked Stacker

Low-Level Feeder Tracked StackerLTS-SERIES

  • Available as 50ft (15m), 65ft (20m) or 75ft (22.8m)
  • Three sided loading by wheel loaders without the need of costly ramps
  • Power source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Dual Power, Direct Electric
RS1500 Roll Sizer

Roll SizerRS1500

  • Impressive cubical piece size with minimal fines creation
  • Capacity to process up to 276 tonnes p/hr with a maximum feed size of 15 ½ inch
  • Easy selective piece sizing controls