Flip Flow Screen

EDGE Flip Flow Screen
Flip Flow Screen

GreenRock Equipment is delighted to offer an innovative screening solution to the Californian market. The EDGE 16’X5′ Flip Flow screen has been designed to handle hard screening tasks that conventional screens cannot. Encompassing a two deck combination top deck, with a two bearing circular motion and a bottom deck flip flow screen with an aggressive screening motion in both decks.

The EDGE Flip Flow screen provides a highly efficient screening solution for sticky, moist materials with a high percentage of fines and is ideal for the processing of compost, wood, skip waste fines, trommel fines, aggregate and construction and demolition waste.

Designed to eliminate the blinding or blockage of the screen media that often occurs with traditional screens when screening wet or sticky material. The EDGE flip flow screen incorporates a heavy duty screen structure which generates a huge throw that propels material upwards and outwards so that the material can get time to untangle and separate.

With increased throughput, high efficiency and quality end products; the EDGE flip flop screen is the ideal solution for difficult to screen material.

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FF16X5 Specification

  Weight Transport Width Transport Length Transport Height Working Width Working Length Working Height
FF16X5 10 Tonne (11UST) 4.3m (14'3") 5.4m (17'10") 5.97m (19'7")


  • Two deck combination screener – two bearing circular motion top deck with flip flow bottom deck.
  • Top deck and bottom deck screening area: 16’X5’.
  • Separates small fractions from traditionally hard to handle material.
  • Suitable for use in a variety of applications across a number of industries.
  • Expanding and contracting lower screens produces high acceleration rates.
  • Eliminate screen plugging and blockages.
  • Reduce landfill costs and generate new revenues.
  • Long life / Low maintenance design.


  •  Lights (includes plastics and paper).
  • Ferrous/Non Ferrous metals.
  • Construction and Demolition waste.
  • Commercial and industrial waste.
  • Municipal skip waste.
  • Aggregate.
  • Wood.
  • Compost.
  • Organics.
  • Any application where product separation is required.


  • Top deck screen media: Woven mesh, punched steel plate, punched rubber.
  • Bottom deck screen media: Various polyurethane apertures available.
  • Power source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, direct electric.
  • Bespoke walkway access.
  • Jost landing legs for uneven ground.
  • Hydraulic blowers / air knives.
  • Magnetic head drums.
  • Chassis formats: static, semi-mobile.