Fines Recovery

Fines Recovery Plant
Fines Recovery

Divert large volumes of material from landfill and generate new revenue streams with GreenRock Equipment via the EDGE FSM Fines Recovery Plant. A unique combination of equipment designed to maximise the recovery of commodities from the waste stream whilst reducing transfer station’s operating costs. Incorporating a ten stage separation process that combines mechanical screening with “Light V Heavy” material recovery and magnetic technology, the EDGE FSM Fines Recovery plant minimizes the volume of material going to landfill. This unique separation process provides operators with a clean sellable hardcore product, inert fines, ferrous metal and a clean lights product suitable for RDF.

This new concept consists of a mobile or static feed stockpiler with bespoke hopper, the EDGE 16’X5’ Flip Flow screen, a selection of over-band and pulley magnets, blowers and the EDGE Material Classifier.

The FSM Fines Recovery plant is another example of GreenRock Equipment providing solutions to meet the ever-changing demands placed on Californian recycling facilities.

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  Weight Transport Width Transport Length Transport Height Working Width Working Length Working Height
FMS65 15.23 Tonne (16.7UST) 2.55m (8'6") 16.8m (55'1") 3.4m (11') 2.55m (8'6") 21.95m (72') 9.4m (30'9")
FF 16X5 Flip Flow Screen 10 Tonne (11UST) N/A N/A N/A 4.3m (14'3") 5.4m (17'10") 5.97m (19'7")
MC1200 (static) 14.5 Tonne (15.9UST) 5.7m (18'8") 13m (42'8") 5.97m (19'7") 5.7m (18'8") 13m (42'8") 4.15m (13'8")


  • Incorporates a Feed Stacker with bespoke hopper, 16’X5’ Flip Flow screen, over-band and head pulley magnets, air knives and Material Classifier.
  • Ten stage separation process.
  • Creates 6+ fractions including; ferrous metal, inert fines, clean hardcore and RDF.
  • Create products that meet stringent specifications.
  • Ability to handle a diverse range of materials.
  • Compact modular design – fits easily within existing systems.
  • Fully adjustable components such as fan speed, belt speed, screening angle, screen media etc.


  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Skip Waste
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Biomass
  • Refuse Derived Fuel
  • Solid Recovered Fuel
  • Plastic Fractions
  • Ferrous/Non Ferrous
  • Aggregates
  • ANY Application where product separation is required


  • Top deck screen media: 3D screen, punched rubber, punched plate, woven mesh, bofar bar.
  • Bottom deck screen media: various polyurethane apertures available.
  • Power source options: diesel/hydraulic, direct electric.
  • Over-band magnets.
  • Hydraulic blowers / air knives.
  • Magnetic head pulleys.
  • Additional conveyors.
  • Central auto-lube system.
  • Chassis formats: static, semi-mobile.