Low-Level Feeder Tracked Stacker

Low Level Feeder Tracked Stacker
Low-Level Feeder Tracked Stacker


The low level feeder tracked stacker series introduces operators to a material handling solution for the stockpiling and transferring of hard rock and ore for the mining and quarrying industries. The LTS is a long life, low maintenance, track feeder stockpiler that is uniquely designed to allow for low level loading of material from wheel loaders, grab cranes and excavators. The huge hopper capacity and heavy duty feeder enables the LTS Series to easily cope with the extreme demands of any quarrying or mining application.

With a rapid set-up time, ability to be loaded from all three sides and impressive stockpiling capacities, the EDGE low feeder stockpiler is a versatile conveyor that can be used in a wide range of material handling applications.

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LTS-SERIES Specification

  Weight Transport Width Transport Length Transport Height Working Width Working Length Working Height
LTS50 20 Tonne (22UST) 2.9m (9'5") 16.5m (54'1") 3.5m (11'5") 3.7m (12'5") 18.9m (62'2") 7.1m (23'4")
LTS65 23 Tonne (25UST) 2.9m (9'5") 16.5m (54'1") 3.5m (11'5") 3.7m (12'5") 22.2m (72'8") 8.3m (27'3")
LTS75 27 Tonne (29.7UST) 2.9m (9'5") 19.1m (62'10") 3.5m (11'5") 3.7m (12'5") 26m (85'3" 9.2m (30'3")


  • Designed to take the impact of larger, heavier material that conventional belt feeders cannot
  • Unique hopper design to enable direct-feed by any Excavator / Loader/ Crusher / Screener
  • Hydraulic fold down hopper extensions enables loading from all three sides
  • Large hopper capacity with ability for fully ladened start-up
  • Impressive stockpiling rates of up to 1100 tonnes per hour
  • Maximum discharge height of up to 30’3”
  • Huge stockpiling capacity
  • Highly efficient hydraulic drive system with variable speed control
  • Superb manoeuvrability around site
  • Designed for quick and efficient transportation


  • Ores
  • Oversize Aggregates
  • Construction and demolition waste (C&D)
  • Sand and gravel
  • Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Scrap metal
  • Coal
  • Salt


  • Conveyor lengths from 50ft to 75ft
  • Feeder options: Apron pad or belt feeder
  • Power source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, Electric/Hydraulic, Dual Power, Direct Electric
  • 2 Bay Picking Module (LTPS)
  • 360° unlimited slewing function
  • Over-band magnet
  • Hopper extensions
  • Hydraulic fold-down head section
  • Radio remote control for all functions
  • Various feedboot liners