Material Classifier

Material Classifier
Material Classifier

GreenRock Equipment only offer selected technologies that are proven, innovative, relevant, and reliable. The EDGE Material Classifier ticks all of the above boxes.  Designed to separate unwanted material from valuable commodities, the MC1200 uses the latest advancement in “light V heavy” material separation technology with a four stage separation process as standard to remove impurities from aggregates, construction and demolition waste, compost, biomass, plastics and wood.

The use of controlled air as a separation medium provides extreme versatility and greater flexibility to that of mechanical separation techniques. Easy adjustable parameters allow operators the ability to customise the unit for optimum production in a wide range of applications. The EDGE air separator produces clean quality products that can be either returned to the composting cycle or used as RDF, SRF or other recycled material specifications.

In addition to the static and mobile formats, the MC1200 is available as a track unit for onsite manoeuvrability with power-source options of direct electric or diesel genset.

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MC1200 Specification

  Weight Transport Width Transport Length Transport Height Working Width Working Length Working Height
MC1200 (Static) 14.5 Tonne (15.9UST) 2.6m (8'8") 13m (42'8") 3.35m (11') 5.7m (18'8") 13m (42'8") 4.15m (13'8")
MC1200 (Track) 17 Tonne (18374UST) 2.7m (8'10") 12m (39'5") 3.3m (11') 6.63m (21'9") 12m (39'4") 3.8m (12'6")


  • Turns so called “waste” into a valuable saleable asset and diverts material from landfill.
  • Removes contaminants from “cash products”.
  • The latest advancement in “Light V heavy” material separation.
  • 4 stage separation as standard (2 further stages are available).
  • Processes up to 300 Tonnes per hour (depending on material).
  • 48” wide feed conveyor provides an even spread of material for efficient separation.
  • 32” wide heavies discharge conveyor with a discharge height of 6’2”.
  • Enclosed design helps control air flow and minimise dust creation with reduced spillage.
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Magnetic pulleys separate ferrous metals from plastics, wood and valuable biomass materials.


  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Skip Waste
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Biomass
  • Refuse Derived Fuel
  • Solid Recovered Fuel
  • Plastic Fractions
  • Ferrous/Non Ferrous
  • Aggregates


  • Chassis formation options: Static, mobile and track.
  • Power source options: Direct electric, diesel genset.
  • Magnetic head pulleys.
  • 4 , 5 & 6 stages of separation available.
  • Central auto-lube system.
  • Wireless remote functionality.
  • Jost landing legs for uneven terrain.
  • Lights discharge chute.
  • Air brakes.