With the topic of recycling becoming increasingly prevalent and government’s imposing stringent targets against garbage to landfill, it is imperative that recycling and waste transfer facilities are well equipped to process these materials.

With the EDGE range of recycling equipment available from GreenRock Equipment; operators can extract maximum value from what is regarded as garbage, while vastly reducing the volume of garbage to landfill. Including a range of grinders, trommels, sorting stations, air separators and fines recovery plants, EDGE recycling equipment boast the ability to recycle household waste, construction and demolition (C&D) waste, commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, tires, green waste, top soil and wood products to name a few.

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Trommels Innovation at work

Trommel 516TR516 Series

Trommel 622TR622 Series

Shredders Innovation at work

Slow Speed ShredderSlayer X

Slow Speed ShredderSLAYER XL

FreeFlow Screen

FreeFlow ScreenFF186

  • Capacity to run 10% faster than competing flip flow screens
  • Eliminates screen plugging and blockages
  • Unique stepped top deck combined with innovative flip flow bottom deck

Material ClassifierMC1400

  • Separate heavy fractions from lights, reducing landfill costs & increasing turnover
  • Capacity to process up to 100 tonnes/hour depending on material
  • Power source options: Diesel hydraulic, diesel Genset, direct Electric
Fines Recovery Plant


  • Incorporates a Feed Stacker with bespoke hopper, 16’X5’ Flip Flow screen, over-band and head pulley magnets, air knives and Material Classifier.
  • Ten stage separation process.
  • Creates 6+ fractions including; ferrous metal, inert fines, clean hardcore and RDF.
Material Classifier

Material ClassifierMC1200

  • Turns so called "waste" into a valuable saleable asset and diverts material from landfill.
  • Processes up to 300 tonnes/hour (material dependant)
  • Power source options: Direct electric, diesel genset
EDGE Flip Flow Screen

Flip Flow ScreenFF16X5

  • Two deck combination screener – two bearing circular motion top deck with flip flow bottom deck.
  • Top deck and bottom deck screening area: 16’X5’.
  • Separates small fractions from traditionally hard to handle material.
Mobile Sorting Station

Mobile Sorting StationMPS48

  • Modular design allows for the customer to add or subtract the number of sorting bays.
  • Improved presentation of commodities enabled by the 48” wide conveyor.
  • Power source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, Direct Electric, Diesel Genset.