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EDGE Innovate trommel range supplied by GreenRock Equipment to the Californian market are robust, durably designed products that are proven in a wide variety of industries including; recycling, composting, construction and demolition waste, aggregate production and biomass industries. The entire EDGE trommel range has been innovatively designed with fuel efficiency, low operating costs, ease of maintenance and high throughput in mind.

With a comprehensive product range (TRS516, TRM516, TRT516, TRS622, TRM622, TRT622) operators can select from static, mobile and track units with 16’ and 22’ long barrels.

All EDGE trommels incorporate unique design features such as a 180° radial fines conveyor, load sensing hydraulic system, eco-power saving functionality and easy to use, friendly controls for optimum production in various applications.

With a host of options available from punch plate to scroll drums, over-band magnets, tipping grids and power-source configurations; the EDGE Innovate trommel range can be customised to meet the customer’s specific operating requirements.

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Trommel 622

TR622 Series
TR622 Trommel

Trommel  – Designed for maximum productivity, the EDGE TR622 trommel combines a heavy duty construction design with impressive production rates in an easy to use, portable and versatile screening plant. Ideal for construction and demolition waste, aggregate, top soil, biomass and compost applications. The Trommel TR622 incorporates impressive design features such as the 180° radial Continue Reading...

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Trommel 516

TR516 Series
TRM516 Trommel Screen

The EDGE TR516 trommel range offered by GreenRock Equipment to the Californian market has been designed for mid to large scale operations that may be constrained for space. Designed with durability in mind, the robust TR516 trommel screen has proven capabilities in the recycling, composting and construction & demolition industries. Thanks to design features such as Continue Reading...

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